Germany told Guzmán that it would help before the IMF, but with a 10-year agreement

Outside of this limitation of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, which Guzmán already knows and respects (despite their differences within the executive branch), From the Minister’s hosts confirmed that passage through Berlin was positive. And that there are many indications of the state’s support and its negotiations with the international financial and economic world. But as long as Argentina moves forward, it becomes a serious and wise country. Especially in tax matters.

The excursion continues today in Rome, in what is supposed to be a friendly and friendly stay for the visitor. Yesterday morning, it was confirmed that Pope Francis will receive Guzmán in the Vatican, at a meeting scheduled at 11 am Italian time (6 from Argentina), in an audience in the library of the Apostolic Palace, where the Pope usually finds presidents. The state. And on the agenda we will talk about the International Monetary Fund. It wouldn’t be the first time that Guzmán had come face-to-face with the Supreme Pontiff and talked about the country’s financial woes. In February 2020, they both participated in a meeting in the Vatican that was also attended by the head of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva. In this meeting called “New forms of solidarity and fraternity from inclusion, integration and innovation,” Joseph Stiglitz, the minister’s mentor in the United States, participated. There, the Pope emphasized that the debts “cannot be paid off with unbearable sacrifices.” The phrase was preceded by vigorous negotiations that subsequently opened with international private financial creditors, who later closed the agreement in August of last year. Now a similar guarantee will be sought in the face of open discussions with the International Monetary Fund and the Paris Club. There is one fact that needs to be mentioned: Francisco is the confessor of Georgieva.

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Guzmán will then have a meeting with Daniel Franco, the economy minister in Mario Draghi’s government. He is a political science graduate from Padua and a master’s degree in business organization from the Association of Universities for Business Organizations in Padua and another degree in economics from York University, United Kingdom. A former banker and now a politician, he took office on February 13th. A veteran of the Bank of Italy, well versed in European monetary and financial policy and the politics of his country, he replaced center-left Roberto Gualtieri in his position for two months, in an attempt to provide economic stimulus responses to the Italian economy in reopening the process after the pandemic. This country’s GDP fell by 8.8% last year, and Franco’s self-imposed task is to recover that loss between this year and 2023. Among other complex cases, Franco is caught in the midst of corporate restructuring in acute continuity crises like Alitalia and Banca. Monte dei Paschi di Siena and ASPI motorway operator, controlled by the Benetton family.

With Franco, the exclusive releases, as in the whole round, will be the IMF and the situation against the Paris Club. There is an indirect positive precedent regarding the European availability to listen to the arguments of the Argentine traveler. On April 7, since the G20 meeting was effectively organized but with Italy as president, a plan to increase IMF aid to the countries most affected by the epidemic was approved by $ 650 billion. By activating Special Drawing Rights (SDR)). In this context, the final statement issued by Rome and signed by all members of the bloc reads: “We celebrate the progress made by the Debt Service Suspension Initiative to facilitate increased spending related to the pandemic. In light of the continuing large liquidity needs related to the Coronavirus, we have agreed on a final extension of six months until the end of December 2021.

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