Germany: 58 dead and dozens missing so far from strong storms; Belgium was also affected by the floods

Photo: Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters.

West Germany was hit by severe storms that killed 58 people, including two firefighters, and dozens were missing In the states of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia, the authorities of that European country said Thursday.

The town of Sjöld in the Ahrweiler district was subjected to severe flooding due to heavy rains. This led to the collapse of six homes on Wednesday night.

for this part, The Koblenz city police indicated that 25 other homes in the town were at risk of collapseThe global number of missing persons is unknown.

Photo: AFP.

Belgium has reported at least six deaths from floods

According to official information, Belgium is also seriously affected by torrential rains. The floods claim the lives of six people, while many of the missing are still under investigation.

The occurrence of these events is related to levels Record From the rains that have been reported in Western Europe in recent days, causing the flooding of several major rivers in that region.

Western Germany is badly damaged by severe storms that have caused flooding. Photo: Wolfgang Rathai/Reuters.

(With information from BBC News and RT in Spanish)

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