George Galloway, the UK's newly elected MP, will speak about the genocide in Gaza

The leader of the left-wing British Labor Party, George Galloway, said on Monday that the first issue he will address when he returns to the House of Commons (lower) after being elected as a representative for the Rochdale constituency will be the conflict in Gaza, because “there is genocide underway.”

The veteran and controversial politician, who was sworn in today as a member of Parliament, won the by-elections on the first of this month with 39.7% of the votes, in a victory that he devoted to the Palestinian issue and constituted a strong blow to the Labor Party led by Keir Starmer. party.

Galloway, one of the most divisive politicians in national politics, told the media today that he would raise the Gaza conflict as his first case before the House of Commons because “when the highest court in the world finds that there is a reasonable case that Israel committed genocide and sends Israel to trial on charges of Genocide, there aren't many things more dangerous than this.

The politician considered that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak intends to use the issue of “Muslims and Gaza” as “perhaps the only hope” for re-election in the upcoming general elections in the United Kingdom, scheduled to be held in the second half. From this year.

Galloway also described Sunak's speech last Friday, when he addressed the nation to suggest that “extremist forces” were trying to divide the UK and had targeted democracy since the Hamas attacks in Israel on October 7, as “shameful”.

The British Labor Party leader accused the GB News radio and television channel of “stirring up hatred against Muslims, disguised as hatred of extremism.”

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When asked whether Hamas should rule Gaza, he replied that “maybe the Palestinians should choose their own governments.”

He said, “I was not going to vote for Hamas. I am a man of (the late Palestinian leader Yasser) Arafat and I have been since the 1970s, but the Palestinians chose Hamas.”

The former Labor MP also said he intends to work with the Scottish National Party to try to force an “appropriate” vote on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

“I'm not a fan of the SNP, you know, or their main issue of secession, but I think they've been outstanding when it comes to the Gaza issue, at least compared to the two big parties in the country – the Conservatives and the PKK.” “Labour,” he said.

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