genius! The theme finds a way to customize your PS5 in a very easy and fast way

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Ago PlayStation 5 It was revealed that many criticized his design and wanted ways to customize it. Many fans have already surprised us with an impressive feat, but now someone leaves us with our mouths open for a great idea as easy as making any PlayStation with unique details.

On reddit, the user is known as Try2GetFamous He shared his simple way of customizing the PlayStation 5. To take advantage of it, you should have a piece of paper with glue (like sticky paper), scissors, and a PlayStation 5. You will likely have problems connecting the latter, but when you get it you can refer to the note.

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Then what happened? You can simply cut the T-shaped piece of paper and paste it under the PlayStation logo on the side of the console case. Then put the PlayStation 5 back together again, and voila! You already have a PlayStation 5 with custom details hence what you do depends on your imagination.

You can see the result below:

Keep in mind that this simple idea has been well received by the community. We say that since his post on reddit has garnered over 77,000 votes in favor and over 1,000 comments. We’ll see what society does with this good idea.

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