Generalitat announces a new tram line 11 between Las Artes y las Ciencias and La Marina

Valencia. Generalitat Valenciana will light a new tram line in Valencia. This will connect the suburbs of the City of Arts and Sciences directly to the tram that runs through the Cabagnale Canyamel district and the La Marina district, as the Minister of Public Works and Transportation announced on Saturday, Arcade Spain. The new line will be 11.

It is intended for this new connection to have its starting point on the routes of the unborn line 10, which connects the city center with the Nazareth neighborhood. The specific bifurcation point will be a rotor Arts and Sciences. Then it passes along Calle Minorca, then it passes Juan Verdiger.

When you reach the areas around the port of Valencia, you will find the line 10 again and next to it you will reach the Cabanella neighborhood, specifically the area near the current station. Grau Canyamel. However, the design will be determined with the Valencia City Council and the residents of the region.

This way, Generalitat will start processing the Two roundsOn the one hand, this new line is 11, and on the other hand, line 10 extends from Nazareth to the Cabanal.

In this sense, the Minister of Public Works, Arcadi España, insisted on “taking steps forward” to connect the metrovalsa line 10 and thus “connect Grau and the port”. “We will meet with the city council to push these two proposals, as well as with the residents of the Nazareth neighborhood,” the minister said, adding that work “is progressing well.” “Currently There is a 20 million euro run in the underground partAnd the And 6 million in the region. “.

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Line 10

For now, the truth is that there is still progress on building Line 10 between Alicante and Nazareth Streets after the MetroValencia network expansion was paralyzed in 2011. These jobs are hers. An initial investment of 50 million euros, 30 of which are provided by independent management. The remainder will be financed by the European Union through a program European Regional Development Funds (Quill).

Generalitat has advanced that a future Metrovalencia Line 10 will get it Its length is 5320 meters, Of which 2055, about 39%, will be underground. The remaining portion, 2,977 meters long, will be built on the roof. The tour will also consist of eight stopsThree of them will be buried and five in the open air.

For his part, FGV Chief Operating Officer Tony Cebrian expressed progress “as appropriate and timely” in building Line 10, as well as that each division “is developing in its own way. For this reason, all work is expected to be completed” at the end of this year. After that, all employees will be qualified and trained.

First quarter of 2022

Cebrian indicated that this last process and the licensing stage for the Valencia Railways Safety Agency could take “three months,” and he indicated that Work on Line 10 could begin at the end of the first quarter of 2022.

“We are now working in makeshift workshops, the structural elements are missing, and within a month and a half the installation will begin to” implement electricity “while in the tunnel” internal escalators will be assembled, “said Cebrian.

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