Gender diversity in business leadership positions adds value

Gender diversity in business leadership positions adds value

The Credit Suisse Research Institute has published the 2021 edition of its “Type 3000” report, which examines the current state of gender diversity and analyzes 33,000 management positions in more than 3,000 listed companies in 46 countries. The data indicate a global improvement in the proportion of women in management positions and the boards of directors of the companies analyzed. According to the report, there is a “positive relationship between greater gender diversity in management positions and better performance in inventory development, profitability, and environmental, social and governance aspects.”

The main data of the report are as follows:

  • Between 2015 and 2021, the proportion of women on boards of directors globally increased by 8.9 percentage points and “more than doubled if you look at it since the beginning of the decade.” Europe and North America topped the global average with 34.4% and 28.6% of women on boards of directors. In Europe, France leads the way with 45% of women on boards of directors.
  • Positive trend across all countries, highlighting progress in Oceania and Southeast Asia (Australia/New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia). In Asia and Latin America, progress has not been high compared to the rest of the regions.
  • The proportion of women in the CEO and CFO positions (CEO and CFO respectively) has increased. The number of CEOs worldwide has increased by 27%, but they still represent only 5.5% of the total. Meanwhile, the number of female CFOs has increased by 17% and now accounts for 16% of CFOs globally.
  • According to the report, The increasing importance of ESG factors (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) is reflected in the increase in the objectives of environmental, social and corporate governance linked to executive compensation plans, Those related to diversity and inclusion being the majority.
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