Gemma Chan brings the time travel series to Netflix

Gemma Chan has a new project in her hands. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the star of the fictional “Eternals” and “Humans” has received the green light from Netflix for a limited-edition series focused on time travel.

According to the media, the British actress will have a double role in the production, as in addition to being the heroine of the story, she will also act as an executive producer. Besides her in managerial positions will be Canadian director and screenwriter Sean Levy.

Levi previously worked on Stranger Things as a producer, and most recently directed The Adam Project. The director signed a lucrative deal with the broadcasting giant a few months ago.

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Gemma Chan and Shawn Levy’s mini-series Moon Represents My Heart, Bem Wangtechwat’s first unpublished novel of the same name. The book will be available in bookstores in the UK next spring.

It is a story of maturity that follows a British-Chinese family with the secret ability to travel through time.

According to the medium, the novel, whose title translates into Spanish as “The Moon Represents My Heart,” follows two brothers (a boy and a girl) who must travel through time to find their parents after their mysterious disappearance.

The London-born artist has taken advantage of her social networks to express her enthusiasm for the project. “She couldn’t be more excited about this,” she wrote on her Twitter profile when sharing the news.

Levi, for his part, although he did not speak directly about the project, expressed his satisfaction in reaching an agreement with Netlix to develop interesting productions.

In addition to “Eternals” and “Humans”, Gemma Chan also played a prominent role in the hit comedy “Crazy Rich Asians” (2018), starring Constance Wu and Henry Golding. In fact, last May, it was announced that she is already in episodic development It revolves around his personality.

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