GBA renditions are added to the expansion pack

Hans and Felix return to Nintendo consoles

It's taken much longer than expected, but the Big N hasn't forgotten about Hans or Felix: starting next week, the two Golden Suns games published on the Game Boy Advance will be added at no additional cost to the Nintendo Switch Online game catalog. Two very essential RPGs in the legacy of mobile gaming that return with all the added benefits of the service and take on their classics.

Let's start from the main thing: Golden sun And Golden Sun: The Lost Age They arrive on Switch via the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack on January 17. Once the GBA app is updated, all you have to do is open it and flip its cover to enjoy these pixel art classics that, as you can see, are still quite fun. This is not the best thing about every match.

It was originally released in 2001 in both Japan and the United States, and a few months later in Europe Golden sun The original release was a fantastic showcase of what the Game Boy Advance could offer, combining the best of the Pixel Art from the SNES classics with a fantastical plot that quickly captivates the player.

Very noticeable in these installments is its combat system, dynamic and deep, with wonderful plane transformations that were a wonderful fit for this evolution within the mechanics that every RPG dares to offer: Scattered throughout the world of Weyard, there are 28 Dijin creatures that not only possess basic qualities, But it also changes the classes of our heroes. genius.

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Golden Sun: The Lost Age It would be released just two years later, in 2003, and although we'll be experiencing the story through new heroes, it won't be long until we find out it's a full-fledged sequel. An exceptionally good idea: As Felix's company, our mission will be to return Alchemy to the Weyard. And be careful, if we save the progress from the first game we can import it into this sequel.

There is a third game within the saga, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Which is quite complicated for it to arrive on the Switch because it was published for the dual screens of the Nintendo DS. Unless of course The Big N surprises us and comes out with a remake on par with Link's Awakening or Super Mario RPG on Switch. To dream, so be it.

Anyway, it's time to celebrate a comeback Golden sun. Even when it comes to two rescues in the form of Nintendo Switch Online classics. Among other things, because the originals were only re-released in 2014 for the Wii U whose online store was closed not long ago. It is a new window for those who have played it and those who have not experienced these adventures before to know Two absolute staples in a role-playing game on the Game Boy Advance. A long-lost saga, though never forgotten.

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