Gaza power plant paralyzes operations due to Israeli blockade

Ramallah, August 6 (Prinsa Latina) The only power plant in the Gaza Strip has suspended its operations today due to a lack of fuel due to the intensification of the Israeli siege on the coastal strip, which has been subjected to numerous bombardments since yesterday.

The Gaza Electricity Authority announced in a statement that the station was paralyzed and confirmed a new schedule for distributing electricity to homes with only four hours a day, compared to the current 12.

For six days, the Tel Aviv government banned the exit of workers and patients from that area, as well as entry to basic necessities.

Tensions escalated after the arrest of the leader of the Islamic Jihad movement in the West Bank, Bassam Al-Saadi, on Monday, which provoked strong demonstrations and condemnations from various Palestinian sectors.

After several days of threats, the Israeli army yesterday began bombing alleged targets of that group in the Gaza Strip, in an operation that may last at least a week.

The Palestinian Minister of Health had so far reported that 12 people had been killed and nearly 80 wounded as a result of the attacks, and Islamic Jihad responded with rocket attacks on Israel.

The NGO Oxfam recently denounced that the blockade imposed by Israel since 2007 on the Gaza Strip affects every aspect of the daily lives of 2.1 million Palestinians, 41% of whom are under the age of 15.

He wondered that this fence has devastating effects on the civilian population in the area by limiting the import of basic commodities, including building materials, and paralyzing internal trade and Palestinian exports.

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Oxfam warned that these actions amounted to “collective punishment expressly prohibited under international humanitarian law in Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention”.

According to data from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the cumulative cost of closures and economic restrictions totaled $16.7 billion from 2007 to 2018, a figure equivalent to six times the sector’s GDP.

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