Gasoline shortages have been reported in Havana and Mayapic

This Monday, independent media reported that gasoline, like food and medicine, is starting to become scarce in Cuba, specifically in Havana and Mayapic. Cuba Net After touring several service centers in both governorates.

The mentioned media indicated that most gas stations in Havana do not sell fuel, and there are a few Cupet stations where some derivatives are sold, but with long queues.

According to information provided by ServiCupet, an app created to inform West Indians of units with fuel on the island, the vast majority of service stations in Havana have not supplied gasoline for more than 72 hours.

He told a young carrier named Daniel Sanchez Cuba Net Who gets up lining up “to see if I can get gas”. An Antillean resident in Boyeros said they only sell 20 liters of gasoline to people, which is why he’s worried, because his profession is to be a taxi driver.

Matanzas also reported a gasoline shortage

Several carriers noted that in the Cuban capital, fuel is only available at three service centers.

“There is only gasoline in Cupet de Mazorra (Boyeros), in the CUJAE roundabout (José Antonio Echeverría University Center) and at G and 25 (Plaza de la Revolución). I have been driving all morning and there is no gas anywhere else. I could not buy Because the queues are huge at those few establishments that sell,” said Robin Fernandez, who drives a private motorcycle.

It is important to remember that, this Sunday, Matanzas County authorities reported that, The sale of fuel was organized, Petrol and diesel for individuals, claiming that the decision corresponded to a “logistical guarantee of its distribution” and not a “fuel deficit in the country”, a statement that, of course, was rejected by many Antilles.

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