Gas, fertilizers and electricity are on the bilateral agenda between Bolivia and Brazil

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Gas, fertilizers and electricity are on the bilateral agenda between Bolivia and Brazil

Release Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy

UCOM-MHE-02-01-2023.- The Constitutional President of Bolivia, Luis Alberto Arce Catacura, reported that he will meet on Monday with his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, to discuss issues related to the export of gas, urea and potassium chloride. And electricity within the framework of the bilateral agenda of the two countries.

The Bolivian president said during his visit to Brazil: “We have many common issues (…), the review of the gas contract, (…) the issue of exporting potassium chloride and salt here to Brazil.” Lola installation.

“(We want to) expand our production and export frontiers here to the Republic of Brazil. Not just gas, we want to talk about urea,” Arce added.

The head of the Plurinational State noted that other issues for investment in the energy sector, such as the establishment of a second urea plant, will also be discussed.

On the other hand, since 2021, Bolivia is coordinating with Brazil to develop bilateral hydroelectric inventory studies of the Madeira River and its main tributaries, in order to take advantage of the electrical potential of these rainwater areas for the benefit of both countries.

“(…) Unfortunately, we have been with the government of Mr. (Jair) Bolsonaro very far away. (…) There is a broad agenda that has been contained all this time and we are sure that with President Lula this will be opened,” Arce confirmed.

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