Gareth Bale meets Jon Rahm on a golf course and his form surprises Rory McIlroy

Golf has been responsible for bringing together two very influential figures from the world of sports. Gareth Bale And John Rahm They were seen in the UK playing their favorite sport of both with the only difference being that one of them plays it as an amateur and the other as a professional.

Bill has been to a tournament where all kinds of celebrities with a great love for golf come together. Actors like Tom Holland or Tom FeltonLike former athletes John Terry And other celebrities were able to enjoy this meeting in which many important figures enjoyed practicing their favorite hobby.

The Welshman in particular seems to be at a fairly high level, especially after Rory McIlroyThe number two player in the world of golf expressed his admiration for the former Real Madrid player’s skill with clubs: “I enjoyed playing with him. He hits and directs balls very well. He has a pretty good swing, and he’s got to adjust some things around the green. He added: “We are from the same club, so I will play with him next week.”

“He’s a good player, quite rightly, he probably has low individual numbers and he definitely has room for improvement as well. It was good to play with him today and he still has time to play in some major tournaments. But yeah, He’s a good golfer“, admitted the Irishman in a press conference.

This event precedes the tournament known as BMW PGA Pro-Am Championship, which is part of the professional circuit and will include, among others, Jon Rahm. The Basque golfer can be seen playing with the British actor. Tom HollandA big fan of this sport.

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