Gabri Garcia, coach of Lleida Esportio, admits they are having bad times: ‘We are in the extreme’

“There are players who have reached their limit and I understand that they want to leave.” That’s how powerful Lleida Esportiu coach Gabri García was at the post-match press conference, claiming he had “less confidence in the club”. Lleida was unable to add to his first home win by giving up a goalless draw against leader Teruel, as he witnessed another episode of protests and criticism against the club’s owners, brothers Albert and Jordi Esteve, who did not appear until yesterday. An empty stadium fund was solely as a tenant the club’s operations manager, Gerard Escoda. On this occasion, the first criticisms of the coach and players were added to the protests of the fans.

When asked about the situation they are in, Gabri was clear: “I fully understand the players who want to leave. I will always be by your side. There are those who are on the edge and there may be more who want to leave. I will always respect them.” From contacting the club, he “said ‘We don’t have the same confidence (in the club) and trust is exhausted because the situation is worrying. The news is they are trying to solve everything but every time I have less confidence in the club with everything.'”

We do not have the best conditions to work. We know that, but we require some minimum conditions. The field is impassable. The field is dry and not watered. “We’re throwing rocks at ourselves and I think that’s enough,” said Salent’s coach. When asked if he personally hit the limit, he said: “I don’t know if the word is limited because I have a lot of confidence in my players. And I want to be with them. I’m optimistic that this will last until June 30. I like to finish the job I’m starting” Gabri said. For his part, Jawnet said before the situation the club is going through that “the players from the homeland are already used to it, but for the new people who come from abroad it is more difficult because they did not expect it.”

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For her part, Alfa said, “We have not yet received any news from the club. We are focusing on the sporting issue, but we are all going through difficult times.” In this sense, Sanko Gabi also said “We are waiting for what the club tells us. In the team we try to be united and move forward. The three footballers who appeared in front of the media agreed that the club owners told them they expect to solve the non-payment issues within a period of 10 and 20 days after civil registration.

As for the masses, there were protests again. He was more moderate during the match because no one from the board came to the penalty area and the fans devoted themselves to cheering the team, but they did so before the match when the protest rally was organized. Fifty fans gathered there, mostly Beinas, who signed a joint memorandum demanding the departure of the Esteve brothers.

Empty chest and Albert Esteve glimpses on a trip

The stands were unable to process their protest on the board this time because neither of the Steve brothers appeared in the box. After some games were boycotted by the authorities, the picture was ruined because none other than the club’s operations manager, Gerard Escoda. Now, the former president, Albert Esteve, wrote a mysterious tweet on Friday featuring an image of an airport and three symbols on top (two planes and a UK flag).

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