Future of Payment methods at Non-GamStop Casinos

At some point in the history of human civilization, humans used the barter system to exchange goods and services. This system was effective within the scope of the village because the needs of humans and their production was also simple, and therefore it is easy to evaluate anything by anything without wronging either party, but with the expansion of trade and its exit to the seas and oceans, people became in need of a better financial system, so they began to mint gold and silver. It was a brilliant idea! Because the amount of gold is limited and scarce, it will still retain its purchasing power in all countries of the world and over hundreds of years without any change, but the United States put an end to this system and replaced the dollar with gold.

With the world reaching the age of the current digital revolution, there is a need to conduct financial transactions virtually, securely and quickly. Banks and card issuers worked to make these products available to users, and hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of digital wallets were launched to expand financial inclusion and provide financial services to everyone without exception.

In 2009, a person or team named Satoshi launched the first bitcoins on the web, and since then the crypto revolution has begun in the world and is not expected to end any time soon!

The Internet, the speed of communication and the revolution in data transmission have created an amazing environment for many industries and commercial sectors. One of the most prominent industries that benefited from the developments of the times is Internet gambling. According to Statista, online gambling is one of the 10 fastest growing industries. Certainly, this industry would not have flourished without relying on fast and secure financial methods. In this example, we will try to explore the most important features of the future of gambling payments in the world!

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The Future Is Mobile!

Just five years ago, no gambling company would have considered investing huge money in creating smartphone apps or creating web-based platforms compatible with small screens. In fact, we can’t blame them! At that time Android phones and iPhones were not as advanced as they are now, so players were not “comfortable” to navigate to a non GamStop casino and play with real money on it. On top of that, game companies have been releasing their products using flash technology that doesn’t work at all on anything but desktops.

Soon, both Apple and Google accelerated the development of their systems and produced more advanced and superior versions of Android and iOS versions that were available before. Smartphone companies introduced advanced and larger devices, and users became more attached to their phones. Therefore, all banks, companies and commercial firms have worked to develop their services to suit mobile devices to communicate with their customers and attract more consumers. Non GamStop online casinos were no exception! It is safe to say that every online casino now has a smartphone-compatible platform and may have an app available for download as well.

For gamers, it was believed that it was important that the actual experience of paying online with these payment solutions be simple and fast. Not least the ability to pay from mobile devices.

For casinos without GamStop, it is very important that the payments are secure, and that it is easy to pay the money in the same way that the player also uses to deposit. By returning the winnings to the same method used to deposit, it is easier to prevent money laundering, which is one of the things that the payment departments of different online casinos do the most.

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Paysafe – a bridge between cash payment and online shopping!

In a world where more and more of our money transactions take place online, there is a need to be able to exchange cash for a form of money that can be used online. This is where PaysafeCard comes into the picture! This method works as prepaid coupons, or cards, which you can buy in both kiosks and groceries with cash, and then use your coupon online. Among many players, this is a very popular way to make deposits at online casinos. Many people also buy these with their VISA cards, as Paysafe allows you to deposit money at an online casino without having to provide your card information online.

Before, you could only deposit money with Paysafe at an online casino, while the withdrawal had to go back to another payment method, such as a bank transfer. However, this is no longer necessary, as it is actually now possible to pay out winnings back to a PaysafeCard. Not all casinos have started with this yet, but more and more will probably follow in due course. This will allow you to access your winnings faster.

Skrill & Neteller – immediate withdrawals from Non GamStop Casinos

The two most popular e-wallets online for us Norwegians are Skrill and Neteller. These are two payment methods that are very popular when it comes to deposits at online casinos, since you can top up your e-wallet with a multitude of different payment methods. They also allow you to enter only your email address for the online casinos, so that no card info is sent to casinos and other online stores where you use this solution.

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Not least, these payment methods are popular because they allow you to get payouts from a casino in seconds. You get direct access to your winnings, as soon as your withdrawal is approved by the casino you play at. The fact that it is also possible to order a MasterCard linked to your balance in the e-wallet, completely without a credit check, is also a big plus for many. This allows you to use your balance in e-wallets to also pay in regular stores, wherever MasterCard is the accepted payment method.

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