From the downfall of the Liberal candidate to Sunak’s failed joke about the European Cup

In a tragic twist worthy of a Monty Python sketch,… British election campaign The current situation seems more like an anti-campaign guide than a serious contest for the vote. In a recent event, The Liberal candidate surprised everyone by backtracking He involuntarily drove into Lake Windermere, the largest in England, while trying to reach out to young voters. The scene led to ridicule that seemed to rival Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s blunders.

SnackSince the elections were called in light of heavy rain, it has accumulated a series of blunders that have done more damage to its image than any criticism from the opposition. At a recent event held in Wales, he attempted Joke about the euro They were met with an awkward silence followed by laughter when they were reminded that Wales had not qualified.

In Belfast (Northern Ireland), symbolism was inescapable Sunak visited the Titanic MuseumNearby is a representation of himself sinking with the famous ship. There, citizens reminded him that his great promises, such as deportation to Rwanda and a total ban on tobacco, had gone unheeded. the Photos shared by your campaign teamin which the ship is shown on the edge, has been interpreted as a message of disillusioned hope, suggesting that his constituents should abandon ship.

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