From now on, this is what a writer earns for their work at Netflix

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The world of entertainment has known a convention that can change the dynamics of production of audio-visual products. This is signed by my representative Netflixhe Writers' Association of Great Britain (WGGB) and Association of Personal Agents (World Food Program).

The document regulates the reward that British writers will receive in exchange for their contributions to the series that the broadcast technology giant offers to its customers. “For the first time in the UK, writers working for a global broadcaster will have their rights set out in a collective union agreement and enjoy improved terms and conditions. We are delighted to have reached this agreement with Netflix,” he told the international press. Eli BeersGeneral Secretary of WGGB.

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The agreement, which was revealed to the public on Tuesday, March 12, and will be retroactive to February 1, stipulates the basic rates of work for screenwriters. As we learned, this fee will be seventeen thousand euros for a single one-hour program and fifteen thousand euros for work in a series. Both prices include a six-month period for Netflix to exploit the product worldwide.

Once this period expires, Netflix must renegotiate the contract. A PMA spokesperson said: “We are delighted to have finally reached a pioneering agreement on book terms in the UK, which stops granting rights in perpetuity and introduces a structure for ongoing payments.”

The issue of paying for rebroadcast of series has been one of the most important works of audiovisual filmmakers. It has gotten to the point that it has been one of the flags of past strikes by actors and writers that have put the major studios' schedules in check in 2023. Experts believe that this first agreement will serve as a basis for future negotiations in other parts of the world.

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