From music to science, Guacci students’ successes


New successes for the Guacci Institute in Benevento. Student Marica Mayo, from the fourth batch of Liceo Musicale, was the former 1st prize winner of the V National Competition “Schools of Music”, in the opera singing section. The competition aims to promote and encourage musical activity among young people and is organized by the Cultural Association of the School of Musical Talents under the auspices of the Youth Policy Council of the Municipality of Verona. Under the current circumstances, the competition was organized online. This success came when Andrea Bocelli welcomed Giada Lepore, also a student of Guacci, into his home in
Forte dei Marmi.
From music to science, student Andrea Compagoni, who is in her fourth year of applied sciences, was also impressive. The student returned to the 158 accepted in the national stage of the Computer Olympiad, achieving the fourth result at the national level and the first in Campania.
This event, which took place twenty years ago, is of particular importance because it constitutes an opportunity to highlight and promote the “excellence” that exists in the Italian school, with a positive impact on the entire educational system. In addition, the result obtained by a student from Guacci, in a competition in which 10,740 students participated from all over Italy, seems significant.

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