From Botn to Huerta: Wonderful Trading Families in Cantabria

Appearance order: Anna Boten, CEO of Santander Group. Seated, Antonio Fernandez Villanueva, Founder. Right, his son Antonio Fernandez Goff, General Manager, and his grandson, Pablo Fernandez Cabrero, Deputy Director; Left, Manuel Huerta Tern, President of Oxital, and his father, Manuel Huerta Castillo, founder of Horizont; The Five Herero Brothers. From left, Jose Maria, Juan Carlos, Luis Fernando, Isaac (chairman) and Jacinto; Anders Correa and Rosa Ross with their daughters Gemma and Anna Correia Ross; Javier Gonzalez, President, and Roberto Gonzalez, CEO, Grupo Tirso Group; Juan de Miguel, founder, and his daughters, Eva de Miguel Puebla, manager of Hotel Toursport, and Silvia de Miguel Puebla, manager of Move; fourth generation: Santiago García Lustal, Director; Maribel Lustal, Marketing Officer; Lustal, Head of Systems, and Andres Navedo, Store Manager.

In Cantabria, there are nicknames like Botn, which says it all. And also many merchant families, such as the Huertas, Fernndez Jove or Herrreros, are proud of their origin and values.

Family businesses in this community are essential: they represent 92.1% of the business fabric, provide 82.5% of employment and represent 61.8% of Cantabria’s GDP. Santander Group Already after a world leader, but it’s a family name

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