From being a champion in the Quito League to working as a construction worker in the United States – Metro Ecuador

League Keto He has had great players in his ranks over the years, and there is no doubt that when talking about high-level midfielders, one of the names that comes up is Pietro Marcetti Who became champion with “U” in 1990. In addition, he succeeded in qualifying Universidad Católica, El Nacional, Deportivo Quito and Delfin.

Pietro Marcetti also wore the La Tre jersey in 25 matches, scoring 3 goals and participating in the Copa America in Argentina 1987 and Brazil 1989. The 58-year-old decided to take a 90 degree turn in his life and walk away from football, the environment in which he worked for many years of his life.

In Ecuadorian football, Marcetti played 529 matches in the Italian League and scored 81 goals. His first appearance in the first division was on May 25, 1983, with a “Chatoly” shirt. However, he spent his best years with the ‘U’s, where he scored 36 goals in 221 matches and was champion in 1990.

In 2002, he decided to retire, but he did not separate from football because he was a sports commentator on some radio stations. Keto Among them stood out Radio La Red Where he stayed for several years. However, things did not go well at all He decided to leave the country in 2018 and now works as a construction worker in Pensacola, he announced in an interview with first fruits.

It was a process. I was planning to close my father’s factory. I didn’t like the idea of ​​staying in Ecuador and starting a business. I tried to look for a job but did not succeed. So I decided to leave. I have a friend I met at Deportivo Quito, Mario Sloof. After some time, I found out he had a flooring maintenance company here, and a former colleague contacted us“, talked about how the idea of ​​traveling to the United States and working in the North American country was born.

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I spoke to Mario and he asked me if I wanted to work. I told him yes. In three days I traveled. That’s how it all started. First I came for three months to get the visa, and I started working to see what it was all about. This was five years ago. During that time I had to sort out my paperwork, which took 24 months. Explained about working papers legally in the US since September 2021 and I am a resident.

“I wake up early, start at 6am or 7am, work eight hours if necessary, and if there is some extra activity I stay longer. Work gives me free time and I always try to exercise, which I have to do due to injuries, arthritis and operations. If I don’t go to the gym, I start having problems,” he talked about his daily life and what he does in the United States.

Finally, he mentioned the possibility of returning to Ecuador or hopefully staying longer in the United States as a construction worker. “I love the United States. And of course football gave me the satisfaction of defining my tastes and desires and raising my children, among other things. Those years of my career I didn’t feel like I worked, because I had fun there. However, today, for me, the work is amazing. I love what I do. I don’t want to earn more, it’s not about the money. I don’t want to be in one place. I’m happy to move from one place to another. Do everything”.

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