French figures call for rejection of the extreme right

Among the signatories, left-wing leaders stand out, such as the First Secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, the head of that force’s list in the recent European elections, Raphael Glucksmann, and the National Secretary of the environmental activists, Marine. tondeller; Current Minister Plenipotentiary Agnes Pannier-Runacher and former Minister Clément Beaune.

The proposal seeks to persuade the Popular Front, which includes the parties of the left, the ruling party and the Republican right, to commit to voting in the run-off against the National Front.

On Sunday, the first round of legislative elections will be held, and a week later the second round will be decisive in many electoral districts.

The promoters of the lawsuit published in Le Monde newspaper acknowledge the differences between the different political camps, but they demand that no one be confused, because the extreme right remains as it has always been.

They warned that she is “an enemy of democracy and a promoter of hatred (…) and if she comes to power, she will prove her inability to lead the country.”

The National Front party, supported by its significant victory in the European elections on June 9 and opinion polls, aspires to obtain an absolute majority in the National Assembly to gain power by appointing a prime minister from among its ranks, who is the party’s president, Jordan Bardella.

In opinion polls, the far-right organization holds a third of voting intentions, followed by the Popular Front (27-29%), and the ruling party bloc and its allies (20%).

The signatories aim for the agreement against the National Front on the runoff to be achieved now, before the first round on Sunday, in which nearly 50 million French people will be invited to return to the polls.

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President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the assembly on June 9, and called for early legislative elections in response to the victory of the far right in the European elections.


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