French embassies in the UK and Spain begin receiving complaints from victims in the Champions League final

French embassies started in the UK and Spain This is Tuesday 7th June Receive complaints line from Supporters of Liverpool and Real Madrid were drawn to the events that took place during the 2022 Champions League final in Paris last month.

The diplomatic headquarters announced that “foreign nationals who were subjected to crimes during the Champions League final on May 28 and 29, can file a complaint with the French judicial authorities.”

Victims will be able to fill out the form available on the websites of the embassies and send it to the Bobini Court, which will examine the complaints and take the necessary actions.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and French Sports Minister Amelie Odea Castera confirmed that there was a surplus of 30,000 to 40,000 fans who tried to enter the Stade de France with or without fake tickets.

However, the figures are being questioned by both the British and the French, who have held the government and security forces responsible for the mismanagement of the incident.

Many fans were seriously assaulted by the police or robbed by the attackers. An online complaints system will allow these victims to seek legal asylum.

Two weeks ago, the French justice opened an investigation into allegations of forgery of a series of fraudulent tickets for the Champions League final.

The Bobigny court investigated the entry of fans into the stadium in the middle of the match, which was marred by chaotic scenes of fans confronting the authorities.

Previously, the chief of the Paris police, Didier Lalment, asked the public prosecutor’s office to investigate “massive fraud with false tickets” which, according to him, was responsible for a large crowd gathering outside the stadium and paralyzed the security system and even at the start of the game, which was already delayed.

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The Bobigny court will also try the six suspects who were arrested outside the stadium on charges of burglary.

The kick-off was delayed by 36 minutes for security reasons, according to UEFA, because thousands of people had not yet entered the Stade de France facilities on time.

Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 and won the 14th European Champions League.

* Translated by Daniel Gallego.

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