Free: The developer abandons their game on PC because it will stop selling very soon

Video game preservation is a topic that often goes unnoticed. This is especially true in the indie ecosystem, where many smaller games fall by the wayside when they stop selling for some reason. The indie game will be saying goodbye very soon, which is why its creator has taken drastic measures to prevent it from being lost.

There are many reasons why a game may leave the store and disappear: from licensing issues to decreased player interest. On this occasion, he was named Warner Bros. Discovery It will cease to be sold toBusiness changes“.

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Small radios and large TVs won't be sold anymore, but you can get them for free on PC

We're talking about Small radios and large televisionsan indie puzzle and exploration game published by Swimming games for adults, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Although it's never been particularly popular, it's always disappointing to know that a title won't be available forever.

Through a brief statement, developer Owen Deary reported that Warner Bros. I informed him that he needed to remove his game from steam And the PS Store From PlayStation 4. In statements by L PCGamerHe explained that they gave him a deadline 60 days To remove your address from both platforms.

despite of Small radios and large televisions It is still available for purchase on the platform. valve And the console Sony, it will change sooner or later. Anticipating the facts, the developer decided to give away its project to all players.

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Owen Derry will present versions of small radios and large televisions

Specifically, users can download a copy of this standalone title on PC absolutely free. If it catches your eye, all you have to do is visit Official Website From the study Fire face And click on the corresponding link. And it seems that it will be so Available for free Indefinitely.

You can buy the game before it disappears from digital stores to support it, however Owen Deery It's not certain whether those who purchase a copy will be able to keep it forever. “I hope those who buy it will still have access to it, although I can't say that for sure,” he commented on social media.

And in case you don't know that, Small radios and large televisions It is a puzzle and exploration game where you must collect data tapes that contain virtual worlds that you can visit. Although it has reviews Mostly positive On Steam, it only has a score 62 on Metacritic.

Small radios and big TVs have numbered days on consoles and PCs
Small radios and big TVs have numbered days on consoles and PCs

Warner Bros. has not commented. Discovery is still on this stance; but, J.B. PerrettThe company's CEO and head of Global Streaming and Gaming said this week that they will focus on more games as a service, mobile titles and free-to-play experiences. It is not known whether it is the end Small radios and large televisions Related to these new plans.

But tell us, will you download this title? Let us read to you in the comments.

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