Free apps for a limited time and many discounts to download

The week is drawing to a close, and it’s also time to dive into the Google Play Store for the Best Software Deals. And that’s exactly what we did, what suite of apps and games we have reserved for you. Want to save money while getting your Android device ready to the maximum? Well, you know: to download.

44 free Android apps

There is no doubt about that Free apps and games It is the most attractive Google Play offering, which is why it ranks first in our group. Don’t want to spend anything? Try our selection and take advantage of it: you’ll have it forever in your library if you keep downloading it.



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59 discounted Android apps

Let’s go with it Displayed apps and gamesCollection of the best we found at a discount. And there are very good programs, especially games: you definitely won’t regret if you buy them now.


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More offers?

If our Friday section fails after all these free apps, you can keep up with the flagships of all operating systems through our colleagues An apple And the Engadget Mobile. You can also see the best prices on cell phones and accessories on our website Fishing bargains from today.

We remind you that the comments, as always, are they Open to be able to add the Google Play shows that you find. And if you want more, see you next week. Happy weekend everyone!

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