Free and open source, not on Google Play

You don’t need Google Play to find useful apps — these options are free, open source, and available from other stores.

We select some of the most useful apps for Android that you can download outside of Google Play

We chose on more than one occasion Great apps what Not available on Google Play By the decision of its developers, or because they have bypassed some restrictions imposed by Google in their store. This is what we find often Great tools In Play Store alternative stores, which undoubtedly deserve appreciation from the public.

On this occasion, we have once again explored the catalogs of some of these alternative stores to offer them to you Six great apps For Android, it is free, open source, and very useful, and its download does not depend on Google Play.

Best apps and games for Android in 2023

As always, before moving on to watch apps, it’s essential to remember this F-Droid is an alternative app store to Google Play Completely safe, and its catalog consists of Free and open source applications. Some of them are exclusive to this store, and others can also be downloaded from the official Google Play Store.


Shelter is a useful tool that allows you to Create independent virtual spaces within your mobile phoneto clone or install apps within a work profile, to isolate them and prevent other apps from accessing their data.

It also provides other options, such as Freeze apps to prevent them from running in the background when it is not used.

Although the app is available on Google Play, it is only possible to download a file Latest version via F-Droid.

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Download on F-Droid | Shelter

Application manager

An essential tool for more advanced Android users. Application manager It is a tool that displays the activities, services, permissions, signatures, libraries, and more of the applications installed on the device.

In addition, it provides other additional options such as possibility Run specific activities or create shortcutsblock services to avoid excessive background power consumption and much more.

It includes a lot of different features, some of which are available to everyone, others will only work on rooted devices.

Download on F-Droid | Application manager


Transportr is probably the Best free app To consult public transport schedules and routes.

The application has a very neat and intuitive design, and it allows Create travel itineraries Automatically check departures or favorite routes, and more. It is free and open source, and does not include ads or trackers of any kind.

Download on F-Droid | transmit


We have talked more than once about You need, or not, to have an antivirus installed on your Android phone. The problem with most programs of this type is that It’s very intrusive More often than not, you subtract more than you add.

That’s why we liked her so much Hypatiaa Malware analyzer Running in the background with hardly any memory or battery consumption, and that Analyzes downloaded files in mobile memory Scan for threats. The app allows Choose folders Storage has to be scanned frequently, and it works very quickly (it can scan small files in just 20ms, and larger files in just under a second).

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Download on F-Droid | Hypatia


If you are looking for good Free application with which you can keep track of your expenses, which also contains a file Careful design and respect for your privacyyou should try Sushi.

It allows you to manage your money in different accounts, being able to record purchases, expenses, transfers or income. In addition, the application offers Useful graphics So you can visualize how your legacy will evolve.

Download on F-Droid | Sushi


Birdy is the perfect app for those who aren’t particularly good at it Remember the birthdays of your family and friends. Instead of jotting down dates on a calendar, Birday allows us to do just that Keep track of birthdays For all those people who are important to us, with an accurate and intuitive interface in the form of timetable.

It is a very light application, weighing only a few megabytes. Despite this, it has an infinite number of useful functions such as an option import birthdays from contact book, Possibility Customize notificationsa search bar to quickly find birthdays, a home screen widget, and even a file Statistics dashboard About stored birthdays.

Download on F-Droid | Birdy

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