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Costa Rica Fred Hall He made his first music video for his song ImaginaryIn collaboration with the Spanish composer Michelle Haegen and the UK Symphony Orchestra.

Hall reveals this production along with the director and organizer Paul Bateman (He is honored for his work with sopranos Sarah Brightman and tenor José Carreras, among others) and the UK Symphony Orchestra. melody Imaginary It tells a story about all the feelings and emotions a person can feel if he suddenly finds himself in the presence of something greater than us: “God,” in order to find peace and joy.

“For me, singing is not just about singing. There must be a reason behind it; to perform a piece of music, whether it is familiar or new that you want to write, you must express the feeling behind it, not only from the singer’s performance, but also from the creation of the musical arrangement. For each song to show textures and colors. And also to enter people’s imagination, to paint paintings and landscapes with different sounds,” the singer-songwriter said.

EP Love´s Pure Light

In 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Hall has produced a Christmas and spiritual project that will bring hope and light to the world. pure love light A collection of Christmas songs and sacred and original music. It includes A quiet night (Spanish, English and German versions), an interpretation of the classics Angel breadAnd the oh happyAnd the One of the most famous German Christmas melodies and Imaginary, whose words he wrote.

His love for music comes from childhood

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Hall was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 1993. From an early age, music always accompanies him, as his uncle Guillermo was a singer in Edmonton OperaDuring the 1980s, he grew up in a home filled with different genres of music, from opera to contemporary pop.

In 2010 he finished high school and entered university in 2011 to study industrial engineering and get a bachelor’s degree a few years later.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram of Fred Hall

In early 2017, he recorded his first movie EP moments in timeAnd the With producer Alex Orozco, it’s a four-song set that uses unique voices and an ethereal texture.

In 2019, Fred recorded a cover of the song the secret of loveAnd the Originally Posted by Content Andrea Bocelli.

If you want to hear or know more about his music, you can follow him on his social networks.


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