France’s patience with the UK over fishing licenses is running out

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Paris, October 27 (EFE). – France said on Wednesday it was running out of patience in a row with the United Kingdom over fishing licenses in British waters it considers to be due to it under the Brexit deal, and that it had prepared. A set of reprisals will be implemented next week.

Approximately 50% of the licenses to which we are entitled are lost. The French government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, stressed, Wednesday, that it is an unacceptable situation and our patience has reached its limits.

The deadline given by the two parties to each other to conciliate on those licenses to fish in the waters of the Anglo-Norman Islands expires at the end of the month, so Atal indicated that if London did not change its position, France would begin to implement a series of retaliatory measures since November 2.

He said, “Things are clear.” We will not allow Britain to use the Brexit deal.”

The spokesman emphasized that they had transmitted to the British information justifying the authorization requests, and that, in light of the UK’s refusal, they rallied with the European Commission by holding meetings even with the President, Ursula von der Leyen.

In parallel, the government has drawn up a series of national measures that will be detailed on Thursday or Friday, to which officials of the French municipalities and regions (Normandy, Brittany and Hautes de France) affected by this morning have been informed. fishing dispute.

However, Atal has already made progress that systematic monitoring of fish products imported from the UK is planned, landings in French ports will be prohibited and trucks will also be subject to scrutiny.

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It is also envisaged to interrupt or reduce the power supply to the Anglo-Norman Islands, which are located off the French coast where it is supplied.

He insisted that we wanted the agreement made, but that “our patience has reached the limit.”

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