France | The disintegration of the left-wing NUPES coalition threatens the absolute majority of Macron

The alarm sounded in the Elysee after the first round of legislative elections in France. The leftist coalition Nupes, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, made up of La France Insumisa, socialists, communists and environmentalists, succeeded in matching the number of votes with Ensemble, the coalition of President Emmanuel Macron.

In fact, the presidential party was defeated in this first round Mélenchon’s reaction came after the election. And for the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic, a new elected president cannot muster a majority in the next parliamentary elections.”

Macron’s absolute majority is in danger

The leftist coalition NUPES received 25.6% of the vote. The formation of President Macron on 25/7. The projection of the distribution of seats, conducted by the various polling institutions, shows that the macronstas are on the verge of losing an absolute majority.

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne called for public mobilization.

_ “We have a week of mobilization. A week of persuasion. A week of obtaining a strong and clear majority. Only this strong and clear majority will allow us to respond to the urgent needs that affect French daily life and to meet the challenges of the future (…) _Next Sunday, in front of the extremists, by voting for the presidential majority candidates, it will allow France to realize its future and its values.”boy said.

Le Pen told voters not to support Macron or Melenchon

The national group, the far-right Marine Le Pen party, remains the third political force. He received nearly 20% of the vote and his seat number is expected to increase. However, he failed to capitalize on the dynamics of the presidential election when Le Pen faced Macron in the second round.

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Le Pen called on voters not to support Macron’s or the left-wing Melencon’s coalition.

“In constituencies that depict the second round as a duel between ‘La Repubblica in Marcha’ (Macron’s party) and NUPES (the coalition of the left), I call on voters not to choose between the destroyers above and the destroyers below. Not to choose between those who want to deprive you of your rights and those who want deprive you of your goods”, He said.

But the main protagonist in this legislative election was the abstention. You have exceeded 52%. This is a record for the Fifth Republic. The goal of many candidates will be to mobilize those who stayed home on Sunday to their cause.

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