France gets the support of its European neighbors in its dispute with the United Kingdom over fisheries

MADRID, October 11 (European press) –

France warned the United Kingdom, on Monday, of its support for ten countries in the European Union regarding the open dispute over the granting of fishing licenses, which faces Paris and London, and that there has been an escalation of tensions in the past weeks.

After the Luxembourg Agricultural Council convened, France and ten of its neighbors, including Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, signed a joint declaration to “pressure” London to “respect the Brexit agreement,” the French sea minister explained. , Annick Girardin.

The aim of the agreement is to “ensure the continuity of arrival of European ships in a fair framework,” he specified through his account on the social networking site Twitter, where he also participated in the statement in which they criticized the “incomplete and inappropriate response.” from the United Kingdom.

Fishing in the waters of the English Channel was already in dispute in the negotiations of the Withdrawal Agreement and remains so after the final exit of the United Kingdom from the Community bloc. The British authorities rejected fishing requests from the majority of French ships that requested, and the political pulse is growing.

Last week, Paris hardened its rhetoric and even threatened to cut off electricity supplies to British soil.

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