France asks EU to act in dispute with UK

PARIS, NOV 22 (PRENSA LATINA) France today urged the European Union to take a more active role in the dispute with the United Kingdom over the issue of fishing in British waters by French ships in the PosBrexit region.

Minister of State for European Affairs, Clement Bonn, said that this afternoon he had asked the Vice-President of the European Commission, Maros Sefcovic, that this issue be taken up by the community bloc, which currently consists of 27 member states after the United Kingdom. Departure, achieved on February 1 last year.

Paris accuses London of breaching the agreement with the European Union on Britain’s exit from the European Union, and of refusing half of the licenses requested by French fishermen to continue their work in British waters.

In this sense, Bonn insisted that it was the EU’s problem and reiterated his country’s request that it be so.

The day before, on the scene of a bilateral crisis, French Chancellor Jean-Yves Le Drian called British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a populist and accused him of seeking outside responsibility for his own problems.

At the end of October, France announced a package of economic sanctions against the United Kingdom, including a ban on British ships from unloading goods in some ports, but President Emmanuel Macron froze its request on the grounds that the two parties were negotiating.

London then described the French actions as disproportionate and expressed concern about the tone of the rhetoric.

Recent events indicate that the parties have not resolved their differences, which would explain the statements of Bonn, Le Drian and Macron, who on Friday promised a response before Christmas and assured that “we will continue our fight, we will not abandon our fishermen.”

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