Fox accuses the government of “artificially” prolonging the prosecutor’s investigation into King Juan Carlos.

Honorary King Don Juan Carlos.

Fox is convinced that the government is using the state attorney general’s office “artificially” to prolong the investigation procedures that the Office of the Attorney General of the Supreme Court has opened since 2020 into the assets of Juan Carlos I because the personality of the emeritus is “uncomfortable” for the director of the coalition.

This is how a Vox spokesperson explains it in Congress, Even Espinosa de los Monteros, Who is the Deplores the Prosecutor’s Office’s continued extension of deadlines for the continuation of these investigations despite the fact that, in his opinion, “it is quite clear that there is absolutely nothing” in the matters about which Philip VI’s father is being investigated.

Specifically, the Attorney General of the Supreme Court is investigating three cases: Possibility of collecting illegal commissions for brokering an AVE business contract to Mecca, the alleged use of “black” cards paid by a Mexican businessman and cryptocurrency in trust A resident of Jersey apparently has a connection to the emeritus.

For Espinosa de los Monteros, it is “very clear” that There is an interest in keeping these proceedings open despite the fact that “nothing is real at all”. “What there is is an artificial extension of the state attorney general, who is the attorney general of the government and the former minister of justice,” he says, referring to Dolores Delgado.

“It seems that this government is not comfortable with the personality of King Juan Carlos,” he added. Obviously nothing, the prosecutor’s office gives itself additional conditions, another six months and another six months, to continue the investigation and finds absolutely nothing. It is a completely artificial thing,” he argues in an interview with Europa Press.

“Personal Issues”

in this context, Vox leader asserted that King Juan Carlos “has no pending case before justice”. It shows his desire to be “the day he will soon return to his country of his perfect nature” because “there is no reason” for him not to do so.

“What he has is that he is a creditor to The debt of gratitude that we Spaniards carry with him and have not yet been paid.”He stressed that he is a “completely free citizen.” “Later, The personal problems he might have, of course, are none of my business.”Espinosa de los Monteros adds.

In his view, the honorary king has contributed “a great deal to the welfare of the country in the past fifty years, and some politicians are not very grateful” with someone who has done “much more” for Spain than they did.

property advantage

On the other hand, a Parliament spokesperson for Vox expressed relief that “although it took two years”, In government they “finally realized” that the monarchy is “of enormous utility in Spain” and turned to King Philip VI to try to reorient relations with Morocco.

Espinosa de los Monteros asserts that the crown is fundamental from a structural point of view because it is One of the pillars upon which the “unity of Spain” rests. It is an institution highly valued by citizens. But he stressed that it can also play a very important role in the field of foreign policy.

“On the surface, ownership is a completely unusual tool, one that could not have been invented if it did not exist, but one that we are fortunate to have, just like some of the more advanced countries in the world,” he says, referring to the United Kingdom. Sweden, Japan, Saudi Arabia or Morocco itself.

The existence of a monarchy that gives Spain, in his view, a “competitive advantage” that should not be wasted And that the government is doing well to use it in the case of the Maghreb country. He says, “Spain has a political relationship with Morocco, and the royal families have a relationship that goes back a long time and is safe or should be from political volatility.”

In his opinion, “this is a huge safety net” that should be “pulled when necessary”. Indeed, he recalls that King Juan Carlos’ relationship with Hassan II and Mohammed VI allowed on several occasions to ease “tensions” between the two countries and resolve disputes with a “phone call”.

“We have in the government radical elements who have not yet understood the very important role of the monarchy, and now it seems that they are awakening and realizing that they have a first-class instrument at their disposal. I am very happy, although it took two years for some to mature, “congratulates Espinosa de Los Monteros, asserting that the crown is “in the service of Spain” and “above partisan interests”.

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