Four UK residents investigated fraudulent charges of € 131,000 to a company in Valencia

They impersonated the CEO via email and ordered transfers

Palencia, 26 (Europe Press)

Valencia’s Civil Guard has investigated four people (a woman and three men of French and British nationality) residing in the United Kingdom into a fraud after taking 131,741.59 euros from the Palencia company after impersonation via email.

Those under investigation allegedly raped the CEO’s identity and sent several emails to company headquarters ordering transfers to the alleged suppliers, which were believed to have received orders from their boss, and reported European press sources about the armed forces. Institute.

Events coincided with the physical absence of the CEO, as he was on a business trip in Asia during those days, and the time lag made personal verification difficult that would have prevented the fraud from occurring.

The Civil Guard, under the supervision of the President of the Instructions Court No. 5 in Valencia, began the investigation by tracking the funds and IP addresses of emails used to carry out the crime.

Soon they discovered that he had committed from the United Kingdom, leading them to request the opening of a European Investigation Order (EIO) that would serve as a legal framework for further investigations in that country.

As a result of the above-mentioned procedure, four alleged perpetrators were identified as being alleged to be blamed for fraud and another crime related to identity theft. Likewise, a small portion of the funds were located in a bank branch of a British entity.

The same sources added that the recent exit of Great Britain from the European Union and the consequent expiration of the environmental information memorandum is supposed to lead to procedural difficulties that could slow down the full resolution of this issue.

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