Four Latin Americans are among the 10 most influential YouTubers in the world

There is no doubt that YouTube has become the platform par excellence for the new generation of celebrities.

Around the world, different people are sharing videos with tutorials, pictorial challenges, blogs, game reviews … all in order to reach audiences and get their approval.

the gate Interested in the business List of the 30 most influential YouTubers in the world based on ranking SocialBlade Which analyzes the channels with the most subscribers (other than musical artists).

Success has reached all continents: among the most prominent is Atta Halilentar, from Indonesia (his channel with interviews with celebrities has more than 26 million subscribers); Auronplay, from Spain (gathering nearly 27 million followers for videos about internet content and video games) or Luisito Comunica, from Mexico, whose experience has gathered around the world 35 million subscribers.

It should be noted that most of the accounts are for men and children.

These are the top 10:

10: Felipe Neto (41.1 million subscribers). He was the first Brazilian to reach a million subscribers. His account has everything: comics, daily life blogs, and entertainment news.

9: Whinderssonnunes (41.7 million subscribers). Whindersson, who is also Brazilian, has been posting on YouTube since he was 15 and his account is mainly about his daily life.

8: PlayGerman / HolaSoyGerman (42.8 million subscribers). The Chilean has gone from sharing his comic content on his main account to this secondary account to talking about video games. However, his fans prefer Germán Garmendia’s comedic side and revert to its original content.

7- Badabon (43.9 million subscribers). This Mexican channel is kind of an older brother that interviews unfaithful spouses.

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6: Mr. Best (51.6 million). Jimmy is an American known for his viral challenges and the most extravagant donations on the Internet.

5: Dude Perfect (54.9 million). Some friends from the university are sharing videos of the sneaky shots.

4: Vlad and Nikki (61.5 million subscribers). Two little brothers aged 5 and 7 show off their daily toys at home.

3: Like Nastya (67.9 million). Stacy is a Russian-American girl who mainly plays with her family and has many channels where her parents share their adventures.

2: Kids Diana Shaw (73.2 million subscribers). This American account shows two young Russian brothers Diana and Roma having fun with their friends, creating songs and living in a fictional world.

1: PewDiePie (108 million followers). Felix is ​​a young Swedish man who lives in the UK and has been famous for his videos to comment on video games. Over the years he has also joined viral challenges and news commentary.

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