Fortnite will be receiving new LEGO, Rocket League, and Guitar Hero game modes very soon

fortnite She has benefited from amazing The last big bang event To show a little taste of what’s to come: New game modes to Puzzle Games, Rocket League And Guitar hero. They are now official and will arrive at the beginning of December 2023. Below we tell you more about each of them:

This is the new LEGO game mode in Fortnite: what it looks like and when it is available

Artwork for the new Fortnite LEGO game mode

Fortnite’s new LEGO game mode It’s very similar to Minecraft on a conceptual level. Can Use our tools to collect scenario resources and then use them to Building structures of all kinds Like houses or castles. also We encounter creatures Very diverse and We can domesticate animals We have our own farm.

This is the new LEGO game mode in Fortnite

In this game mode Our character is also a LEGO character; There are versions of Fortnite skins like Midas but they are LEGO dolls.

We can build houses and all kinds of structures. The limit is in our imagination

LEGO game mode in Fortnite It will be available from December 7, 2023.

Rocket League is coming to Fortnite: when is the new racing game mode available?

Artwork for the new Fortnite Rocket Racing game mode

Another cool new feature for Fortnite in December 2023 is New Racing Rocket League game mode. We can use all the cosmetic items we unlocked in Rocket League inside Fortnite And of course Use turbines and do all kinds of aerial stunts To take advantage of the shortcuts on the tracks and thus reach the finish line first.

Rocket League’s new game mode ditches soccer and focuses on racing

The new game mode in Rocket League It will be available in Fortnite starting December 8, 2023.

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Fortnite Festival: This is the new music game mode; When is it available?

Artwork for the new Fortnite Festival game mode

Last but not least is… festivalhe New Fortnite Music game mode with Mechanics are very similar to those of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Basically We must press the buttons at the right time to continue to “play” each song correctly.

In the new Fortnite Festival game mode, we play as if we were a rock band or a guitar hero

This new music game mode will be available in Fortnite starting December 2023, and will debut with The Weeknd concert.

These three game modes are new experiences created for Fortnite that will be available as part of the new phase of the game: Chapter 5.

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