Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell dies of coronavirus

Colin Powell is pictured during a press conference when he was Secretary of State. Photo: AP.

Colin Powell, the first black US Secretary of State, dies at the age of 84. The Republican died after contracting COVID-19, according to his family on Facebook.

Former George W. Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell has died at the age of 84 of “complications from COVID-19,” his family announced Monday. “We have lost a wonderful and loving husband, father, grandfather and American,” they said in a statement.

Powell was the first African American to serve as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, before becoming Chief of American diplomacy under Republican President George W. Bush.

Powell fought in Vietnam, becoming a security advisor to the Ronald Reagan administration and Secretary of State – the youngest yet – to the Bush administration during the invasion of Iraq. At the time, Powell was accused of providing false statements to the United Nations in support of the attack on Iraq. Prior to that episode, the former Secretary of State will be named as a potential candidate for the presidency of the United States.

(with information from euronews)

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