Former university rector Rafael Correa receives a medal from the Chilean Academy of Sciences

In a public session held on January 17 Chilean Academy of Sciences Grant Chilean Academy of Sciences Medal 2023 to Dr. Rafael Correa Fonticellaformer president of O'Higgins University and a research associate at O'Higgins University Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) From the University of Chile; The distinction was awarded unanimously, thus recognizing the exceptional contribution of the distinguished academician to the development of science in the country.

“We want to highlight Dr. Correa for his academic career and tireless work in developing science in our country, which has undoubtedly left an invaluable legacy. We recognize his commitment to scientific research and the training of new researchers, and celebrate his outstanding contribution to the advancement of science and education in Chile,” he said. Dr. Maria Cecilia HidalgoPresident of the Chilean Academy of Sciences.

On this occasion, Dr. Correa thanked those who nominated him for the award, as well as those who cooperated in his work: “I feel very proud and very appreciative of it, and I believe that this is part of what the academy is and therefore certain paths should be recognized, because the path is not limited to just one person.” But also for many people.

The academic also referred to his career path, saying: “I am very much driven by intuition and I am someone who has a certain passion for construction, and I have a calling to serve. I like to do things that benefit many of us. How to do it? By carefully researching people I'm convinced they know, the second part is to get them excited; Forming teams is very interesting and really produces ideas. This is how, for example, centers of excellence are born in this country; First, the Center for Mathematical Modeling; And then I had to run the Center for Advanced Research in Education.

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Dr. Correa is currently a professor at Department of Mathematical Engineering from the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile and a researcher at the Center for Mathematical Modeling.

During his prolific career, he held several key roles in the scientific community: he was executive director of Conisit Between 1990 and 1997, he led the implementation of competitive funds for scientific research in the country and the promotion of international cooperation. Moreover, he was a pioneer in creating Mathematical Modeling Center And based on Center for Advanced Research in EducationAddressing educational challenges and promoting the development of science in areas critical to the progress of society.

In 2015, President Michelle Bachelet appointed him president of O'Higgins University. Likewise, his work transcended national borders, showing himself as an exceptional director who put his talents to the service of Chile.

The Order of the Chilean Academy of Sciences, established by the Foundation in September 2006, seeks to honor individuals who have distinguished themselves in their work to promote science in Chile.

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