Forged under discipline, a Paraguayan student received an award in the United Kingdom

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Mcal Military Academy. Francisco S. Lopez was unable to persuade a Paraguayan to represent our country at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, as the main hindrance was the language he got to designate himself and even won an award in his final year.

This is Cad 4° Int Matías Ezequiel González Melgarejo, who was awarded a scholarship after being elected by a special delegation, being the only representative of Paraguay on the old continent. The young military aspirant managed to pass the exams to survive. In an interview with LN live, he commented on his experience and what it meant for his academic life.

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The young student received a scholarship from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. Picture courtesy.

His graduation ceremony was held on Friday, August 6, and he was awarded the Sandhurst Medal. During his stay at the British Army Officers Training and Training Institute, he was honored for his good performance during training.

“We had two months of acclimatization before entering the academy, in which case many of them did not meet the criteria,” he said. What also sparked fear among the Paraguayan youth was the possibility of not completing the admission process and losing the opportunity to train. .

“It was shocking months,” said the cadet, “because around me I had British comrades with different accents, and the difficulty was to understand them because they had different accents depending on their region.”

His medal was awarded to foreigners for completing the course completely and doing it in good shape. As a Paraguayan national, he was one of the winners, considering that many cadets could not continue or complete the process, which is why this medal is so highly valued.

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The task with which he made the trip, as he put it, was to train and become a trained officer with extensive knowledge of the armed forces. Likewise, it was intended to “raise the armed forces, especially my military academies, I think I succeeded,” he said.

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