Foreign investor confidence in Chile shifts from neutral to optimistic ground

A clear improvement in the index of foreign direct investor confidence in Chile was evident in March compared to September 2020. This index is a joint initiative of the North American Chilean Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) with the bi-national chambers of Germany, Australia and Canada. , Spain, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the UDD Center for Economics and Business Studies (CEEN UDD).

Specific, The confidence of foreign direct investors in the business was somewhat optimistic, Indicating progress from the neutral level recorded in the previous measurement.

In this second edition, 188 companies from different countries of origin and economic sectors participated, equivalent to 55% of the foreign direct investment arriving in Chile.

In this second installment, most of the aspects assessed in relation to the general, organizational, institutional and social context of the country provide a better insight in relation to prior measurement and progress in their level of optimism given the three-year medium term horizon.

However, profThe national security and crime aspect was rated the worst rated In this measure, despite the improvement compared to September 2020. In the previous installment, on the other hand, the worst-rated component was social stability.

Regarding the country’s economic situation, the confidence of foreign investors in most sectors has been placed at different levels of optimism.

In particular, sector confidence The mining, trade, construction, financial, industrial and technology sectors rose to a “moderately optimistic” level.; The energy, water, environment, health and non-financial services sectors advanced to a “slightly optimistic” level.

The exception was The agriculture, forestry and livestock sector, whose confidence has decreased from “neutral” to “pessimistic”, The study indicated that “the significant decline in the exchange rate in recent months.”

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Finally, while the three-month projections for the state of the economy, business, workforce and investment were set at various levels of optimism, estimates of input prices and wages worsened.

After this activity, Sergio Rademacher, President of the North American Chamber of Commerce of Chile (AmCham Chile) emphasized, “We appreciate that the confidence of foreign investors has recovered and we are confident that Chile will promote those principles that make it attractive to investment.. Of the American Chamber of Commerce, as representatives of Main foreign investment, we are committed to sustainable economic revitalization. For this reason, we are encouraging a new vision of doing business, in which corporate “success” must lead to progress for society and the result is an act that places sustainability, inclusion, among other values ​​first. “.

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