For the delta variant, the UK starts the third wave – always together

Marta Cohen, an Argentinian doctor who works at Sheffield Hospital explained 3 . series In mid-summer, the UK had surpassed 27,000 cases of COVID-19 since January 29, an exacerbation attributed to variable delta expansion.

“The situation is a third wave, with this increase in cases, but the deaths remained low, with an average of 15 deaths per day,” he said.

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In contrast, although the number of hospitalizations increased to an average of 350 per day, it was still well below the average of 6,000 in the second wave.

“This is down to two things: the vaccination and the testing programme: more than a million are being done daily,” he said.

The country has more than 44.7 million people who have been vaccinated with the first dose, which is 86% of its population, and 64% with two doses.

The surge in infections in recent weeks has forced the UK to delay lifting the quarantine until July 19.

Experts believe this increase is due to the delta variant first identified in India, which is more contagious and potentially more deadly.

As a result, British access to some EU countries was restricted.

“It is a warning to Argentina, because there are studies on the efficacy of the delta variant, and a single dose does not prevent asymptomatic disease,” he cautioned.

It is worth noting that Queen Elizabeth II appointed Cohen in 2020 as a “Member of the Order of the British Empire.”

Agustina Vivanco reports.

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