For science fairs, science summer and olympiads, in Sinaloa they support young people

Mazatlan. The General Coordination for the Promotion of Scientific Research and Innovation in the State of Sinaloa will provide financial support to 34 young people who will participate nationwide in various science, technology and innovation activities.

CONFÍE General Director Carlos Karam Quinones stated that the technical committee of FEACTIS has approved the resources in an unusual way that allows participation in the events and about 366 thousand 100 pesos will be delivered to them.

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He indicated that the support corresponds, on the one hand, with the call for the “Formación de Jóvenes Talentos 2023” program, and that among the beneficiaries, 13 students will participate in the third edition of the National Mathematics Olympiad, which will be held in Queretaro from June 1 to 4.

It was reported that they supported 14 young people who have participated or will participate in events such as Expociencias Sinaloa, research residencies, academic mobility, knowledge olympiads, and conferences.

Generosity Quinones added that they also support the seven members of the Sinaloa delegation and three advisors for air travel, food and accommodation who will attend the awards ceremony at the 2023 Mexico Science and Engineering Fair, in which they won three first places, to be held in Villahermosa, Tabasco, on June 7 and 8.

“It was successful because it encouraged the school community to come to CONFÍE to ask for support, with a view to carrying out some academic activities,” he said.

He stated that 428 support proposals had been received, of which 309 were active registrants, being the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, the institution with the highest number of applicants, 182; Western Independent University 48; and Polytechnic University of Sinaloa, 21.

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He noted that of those 309 applications, 211 are compatible with the Dolphin Program’s Summers of Scientific Research program; 17 to conferences; 12, Knowledge Olympiad; 11, exhibitions; 42, research residency and academic mobility; and 16 to other activities.

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