Football Betting Made Simple

There is arguably no finer sport on the planet than the beautiful game itself, football, which remains as the world’s most popular sport and one that has garnered a great reputation in various betting markets featuring a wide variety of eager punters who are willing to up the stakes on their latest wagers for almost any competitive football encounter.

When raring to place a wager on some of the sport’s most enthralling encounters, punters should be wary of some of the latest ongoings and tips that are present in the football betting circuit.

There is no sport that draws a more wide-scale attention from audiences than football which has since made this a major commodity for all betting sportsbooks.

However, when it comes to placing bets on football games, there are some key guidelines that punters have labelled which could impact the outcome of anyone’s bet as well as the wide listing of varying betting odds and methods that novice punters should remain wary of.

These are some of the top tips when betting on a football game at the top level:

  • Find a respected and reliable sportsbook:

There is a great listing of betting sites and mobile applications that can appease almost any football betting punter, but when preparing to place a wager through an online forum, fans should always be mindful of who they are betting with and how much notoriety they have gained amongst other players and their competitors.

One of the best football betting sportsbooks is 888 Sport who offer a wide listing of available sports to be bet on as well as providing their respected punters with a secure and helpful service when setting up an online account.

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Given the wider listing of sportsbooks that are now available across the internet and smart phone app stores, any novice punter should look to find a sportsbook that will not only off them a great listing of odds but has also provided prior players with a service that is well-worth betting with on their favourite football team.

  • Never back the early kick-off:

There is a great saying amongst English football betting fans that if you’re planning on placing a wager on the latest matchday, then you should never back the favoured team in the day’s earliest kick-off encounter as this game can often produce a major upset in the end result.

A recent example saw the matchday one, half-past twelve kick-off between Premier League title favourites Liverpool and newly promoted Fulham, with many pundits and punters alike believing that Liverpool would comfortably beat the league’s latest newcomers, with the game eventually finishing at a stalemate 2-2 draw with Fulham looking the more imposing of the two teams.

It’s a common talk amongst betting fans that the early kick-off will always produce a major upset in some strange manner which has left many betting enthusiasts to avoid wagering on the weekend’s first game.

  • The pros and cons of different betting odds:

Perhaps the most common type of sports betting odds present in the UK are fractional odds that display the denominator showcasing a potential betting amount that a punter could place, with the numerator presenting the amount of earnings that the wager could result in should the outcome be a success.

Fractional odds are so commonly used because they are very easy and simplistic to understand for punters for various sports including horse racing, combat sports and rugby among others, and will likely be the main odds posted on most sportsbook pages.

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However, most punters may often sight different odds due to the simplicity and to raise the stakes even more which you not necessarily be presented with fractional betting odds as well as the fact that these odds are only tailored to UK and Ireland based sportsbooks with Money line being the most commonly used betting displays in the US.

Percentage odds are also present with win odds and net profit which can give a greater input into who the heavily favoured teams are when heading into a greatly anticipated football game, as well as informing betting players a greater amount on the chances that a team has to win their game.

While these maybe sighted as being beneficial to giving a greater insight into who is likely to win the encounter, percentage odds do not present anything into what the potential earnings could be for a punter when placing money on a betting wager.

As such, most sportsbooks mainly use fractional odds to display their viewpoints on who could potentially be the over-riding favourite to win the game as well as what the potential outcome of earnings could be for anyone who is willing to place a bet on the game.

Betting on football is equally unpredictable and heavily exciting given the tension on display for most games and the overall stakes are up for grabs, but fans and punters alike should always be mindful on who they are betting with and what scenarios are best suited for their often bold predictions.

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