Flooding and evacuation in the third storm in a week

Hundreds of people were evacuated across the UK due to flooding caused by heavy rain as Storm Franklin approaches.

Mike Ashworth
River Wharf overflowed in Yorkshire

Franklin is the third storm to hit the country in just one week.

Videos and photos shared on social networks from the UK attest Franklin’s ferocity with Strong winds blowing trees and heavy rain drowning Streets.

Last Thursday, Storm Eunice left three dead and 1.4 million homes without power, of which 56,000 were not reconnected to the power grid.

Weather services expected Franklin to generate winds of up to 80 mph (128 km/h) early Monday morning.

Dromraj River, Umag

Orfhlaith Begley
Floods occurred in Northern Ireland

Currently Severe flooding has already occurred Franklin’s arrival in some areas of Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, in the cities of Yorkshire and Manchester, many people were forced to leave their homes in search of safety.

The North Yorkshire Fire Service had to go to great lengths in several rescues.

The foundation posted a photo showing how water is swallowing up space for caravans in Canariesboro.

In south Manchester, more than 400 homes have been evacuated, after two warnings of severe, life-threatening flooding.

London Gatwick Airport runway lights They were turned off for about 20 minutes On Sunday, there were some delays and cancellations.

In Northern Ireland, torrential rains have caused severe flooding, particularly in counties Londonderry and Tyrone, with many rivers threatening to inundate their banks.

The Met Office (UK’s National Weather Service) issued two wind and flood warnings early Monday morning.

For its part, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency published eighteen flood warnings and seven alerts.

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