Flood warnings remain in place across the UK as people in the worst affected areas return home after Storm Franklin.


Flood warnings will remain in effect across the UK over the weekend, including in areas affected by floods when the River Severn overflowed its banks after heavy rain and two storms.

Twenty-seven flood warnings were issued on Friday, of which 16 were in Worcestershire, including two in Bewdley and four in Upton upon Severn.

There are also six warnings for Shropshire, including one at Wharfage in Ironbridge, which was affected by flooding earlier this week.

However, severe flood warnings and the status of major accidents for Ironbridge and Bewdley have been withdrawn. As of Friday morning, there were 27 minor alerts on Severn.

People in affected areas have gone home and surveyed the damage after storms that hit the UK last weekend Franklin and Eunice.

Susan Lucas, from the Shropshire town of Bridgnorth, said it has been flooded three times since 2019.

She told the BBC that she had faced having to “re-plaster and completely dismantle her kitchen” and that everything in her home was “contaminated” by the flood waters.

The Environment Agency warned that river levels remain high and that care is needed around the banks of the “still rising” and “fast-flowing” rivers.

The Met Office issued yellow weather warnings for much of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northwest England until 9:30 a.m. on Friday, following “extremely cold conditions” in Perth and Kinross, Scotland.

During the weekend, northern parts of the country are expected to see bouts of wet and windy weather, while southern and eastern regions will remain dry but with bouts of sunny.

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Saturday is expected to be stormy with sunny periods most of the afternoon, while people in the northwest have been asked to prepare for more high winds and heavy rain on Sunday.

The weekend will be relatively dry and mild for most people, with temperatures forecast to reach 11 degrees Celsius, said Jonathan Vautry, a meteorologist with the Met Office.

He added, “Overall it will be quieter and more stable than the weekends we’ve seen in recent weeks. It will be a little cold during Saturday night, in towns or cities it can go down to 2 degrees Celsius more or less.”

He advised Shropshire and Wiltshire residents to make sure they were on the “correct paths”.


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