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From November 9 Colombians will be able to visit England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland without having to present a traveller’s visa.

Although the abolition of this requirement is historic and will undoubtedly facilitate access to many countries, there are some Immigration Rules Travelers should take it into consideration if they are going to visit any of these destinations.

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The first thing to consider if you are embarking on a trip to London, For example, is that your permit to remain on English soil is valid for six months.

If your stay exceeds this period, you are obligated to do so Applying for a visa for the reasons that led to this, Such as health or academic reasons.

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If your trip will be less than 6 months old, this is what you should take into consideration, according to the State Department:

1. You have a passport. This is the basic requirement to leave the country and will be requested by the UK authorities upon arrival.

2. You have sufficient financial resources to pay for your trip. They will ask you to prove that you have the necessary funds for yourself and your dependents.

3. Solvency to pay for your trip I `m backalso Or to continue your trip to another country.

4. Ensure that you do not stay in the UK permanently Or you will make it your main residence through frequent visits.

5. Show that you will leave the country when your visit ends.

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Under these standards set by the British authorities, the safest thing is that you will not have any difficulty with your entry. however, The final decision depends entirely on the immigration authority.

In addition, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends purchasing medical insurance that covers all people traveling outside the country.

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