Flights from the UK to Mexico will be reactivated and increased

The Minister of Tourism of the Federal Government, Miguel Torroco Márquez, announced that following the announcement made by the UK authorities on October 7, to remove several countries from their red list, including Mexico, British Airways said it would increase its flights to Mexico City.

That is, starting next November 6, the English airline will have a daily flight to our country’s capital. While starting October 22, it will reactivate its route to Cancun, also with a daily flight.

The head of the Ministry of Tourism (Sector) explained that Mexico's exit from the United Kingdom's red list also increases the possibilities Reconnect the direct flight between Los Cabos, Baja California Sur and LondonWhich was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He explained that in 2020, the number of British tourist arrivals to Mexico, especially to CDMX and Cancun, reached 85,654, leaving an economic impact of $84,995 million.

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Likewise, from January to August 2021, this was the case 41,191 passengers from the UK arrived in Mexico City and Cancun, resulting in a leak worth $45 million, 894 thousand dollars.

He added that passenger transport to CDMX and Cancun by major European airlines puts British Airways in fifth place during 2020 and in number 6 for the first eight months of this year.

Last year, Air France was the leader with 88,412 passengers; followed by Lufthansa with 76,849; Iberia, with 75,452; KLM, with 51,559; And British Airways, with 34,258 passengers.

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For 2021, the first eight months in which Lufthansa carried 86,010 passengers to Mexico were recorded; Air France, 80778; Iberia, 71289; KLM, 40836; Turkish Airlines, 35126; and British Airways: 27,419 tourists.

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Finally, Secretary Toroko Márquez stated that according to the Official Airline Guide, in the last quarter of 2021, British Airways and British flag carrier Tui Airways scheduled 365 flights to CDMX, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, representing a bid of 110,992 aircraft seats, Leaks were estimated at $123 million and $663 in that period from October to December.

“Of this volume of seats, 61% belong to Tui Airways and the remaining 39% to British Airways,” he said.

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