Five years after the referendum that changed the UK

  • The controversial vote divided British society and its entire political class and changed the country

Five years after the controversial and divisive Brexit referendum, no one in United kingdom He seems to remember it. The Conservatives moved to the right, Labor to the center, and the European Labor leader voted in favor of the deal on the new relationship with the agreed-upon EU. Boris Johnson In December the controversy disappeared from the street. Citizen consultation was the most important moment in modern UK history. It divided British society and its entire political class and changed the country forever.

The referendum was an electoral promise for the conservative prime minister David Cameron For the May 2015 elections, he put him on the program to appease the influential EU-skeptical faction in his party. It began to take shape with the victory in the 2014 European elections of the anti-immigration party and Europhobic UKIP from Nigel Faragewho advocated leaving the European Union. UKIP threatened to take Conservative votes in the general election.

The consultations divided the conservatives. Cameron campaigned for Remain in the EU, to “Stay”, and Johnson and Michael Gove, to Get Out, to “Leave”, where Farage was also, who did not want to get out in the picture. The campaign lasted two months The dirtiest and most aggressive we remember. focused on immigration, quickly led to xenophobia and in fake promises. All of this tension culminated in the assassination of European Labor MP Jo Cox by a far-right radical.

It was held on June 23, 2016. The result was unexpected. Brexit won with 52% of the vote across the country, but in Northern Ireland and in Scotland, where there had just been consultations on independence, “Remain” was imposed, causing a resurgence of Scottish nationalism. Cameron resigned immediately After he knew popular rule. The primaries have begun in the winning party Theresa May, a pro-European pledged allegiance to the Eurosceptic cause.

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Johnson’s rise

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May confronted Brexit supporters in her party and Northern Irish trade unionists, government partners who opposed the Northern Ireland Borders Protocol that Johnson later accepted. Pressure from Europeans was increasingly intense for a new referendum, believing that the other was based on lies. May was forced to resign in July 2019 and Johnson won the primaries with a promise to deliver Brexit.

with johnson polarization. He even asked the Queen to suspend Parliament to avoid debate. All this tension led to an election on December 12 in which he won (with 43% of the vote) with the support of Labor voters in the north. This landslide victory gave Johnson the power to force Brexit, which Parliament eventually agreed to give Northern Ireland to the European Union, with Republicans now calling for a referendum. Reunion.

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