Five things you need to know five days before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

A little less than a week before the start of the event in the Japanese capital, the key data you cannot ignore. From the opening ceremony to the Argentine medal table.

The calendar is moving faster and faster and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Gamespostponed this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Just around the corner. With only five days left until the event officially kicks off in the Japanese capital, A review of the top five things to know about the ultimate sporting event.

What will the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games look like

The Olympic Games will be officially launched Next July 23 with the opening ceremony that will take place in Tokyo Olympic Stadium. it will be atypical display, Because It will be subject to strict health security measures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The traditional part of the party will start with a special performance of the athletes with their flags. Since the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, Greece always enters first due to its historical status as the predecessor to the Olympics, while the host nation, in this case, Japan, will come last.. the rest of the countries They will go in order according to Japanese and will also be mentioned in English and French.

Olympic Ceremony

After the procession of nations, Athletes, judges and coaches will take the Olympic oath that will officially mark the opening of the ecumenical event. after minutes, Viewers will be able to enjoy a great art show while naming itwhich began to be illuminated in the historic Olympia, Greece on March 12, 2020, ignite the boiler. Unlike previous editions, The boiler will be located outside the Olympic Stadium, on the waterfront of Tokyo.

How many athletes from Argentina will compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

For the Olympic event, Argentina already has 181 mathematicians Confirmed:

  • open water: Cecilia Piagioli.
  • AthleticsGermán Chiaraviglio (pole vaulting), Belen Casita (3000m with hurdles), Joaquín Arpi, Julio Muñoz and Marcela Gomez (marathon).
  • beach volleyballThe female duo (Ana Galai and Fernanda Pereira) and the male duo (Julian Azad and Nicolas Cabogrosso).
  • BasketballMen’s national team (12 players).
  • rowing: Agustín Vernice (K1 1000), Lucas Rossi (K1), Rubén Rézola (K1 200) and Brenda Rojas (K1200).
  • boxing: Mirco Coelho (57 kg), Ramon Quiroga (52 kg), Francisco Veron (75 kg), Diana Sanchez (60 kg) and Brian Ariji (69 kg).
  • Cycling: Eduardo Sepúlveda (Road), Exequiel Torres (BMX) and Sofía Gómez Villafañe in Women’s Mountain Bike (MTB).
  • RidingJose Maria Laroca (single jump) and the Argentine national team: Matías Albarracín with Cannavaro 9, Martin Dobazu with Quintino 9, Larroca with Vin Lente and Fabian Seganes with Prince.
  • FenceBy: Belen Perez Morris (Sand).
  • footballJoaquin Blazquez, Lautaro Morales, Jeremias Ledesma, Hernan de la Fuente, Marcelo Herrera, Nihuen Pérez, Lionel Musevich, Facundo Medina, Francisco Ortega, Claudio Bravo, Fausto Vera, Santiago Columato, Tomas Belmonteo, Martinho Alistair, Thiago Almada, Ugg , Axel Barco, Pedro de la Vega, Adolfo Gaish and Ezequiel Ponce.
  • Gymnastics: Abigail MA.
  • golf: Magdalena Cimmermacher.
  • handball: Lionel Maciel, Federico Fernandez, Ignacio Pizarro, Santiago Baroneto, Ramiro Martinez, Pablo Simonet, Nicolas Bonanno, Guillermo Fischer, Federico Pizarro, Pablo Weinstein, Diego Simonet, Sebastian Simonet, Pedro Martinez, Gastonzurri. Reserve: Pedro Martinez.
  • hockey On the grass: Belen Sochi, Noel Barunivo, Agustina Gorzelani, Valentina Raposo, Valentina Costa Biondi, Victoria Suzi, Agustina Alonso, Eugenia Trinchenti, Michaela Rettigti, Rossio Sanchez Moccia, Sofia Tocalino, Giulietta Jose, Marino Victoria Granato (Lionesses); Juan Manuel Vivaldi, Lucas Villa, Leandro Tolini, Nahuel Salles, Lucas Rossi, Matias Rey, Ignacio Ortiz, Agustin Mazzelli, Lucas Martinez, Juan Martin Lopez, Nicholas Keenan, Pedro Ibarra, Diego Paz, Tomas Habev, Maico Casilla, Agustin Black) .
  • judo: Paula Barretto and Emmanuel Lucente.
  • stumble on the thing: Agustín Destribats.
  • swimmingDelfina Benatello (400m, 800m and 1500m freestyle), Santiago Grassi (100m butterfly and 50m freestyle), Julia Sebastian (100m and 200m breaststroke) and Virginia Bardash (400m combined)
  • modern pentagramBy: Sergio Ali Villamayor.
  • remo: Milka Kralgev and Evelyn Silvestro (lightweight double pair)
  • Rugby 7Santiago Alvarez, Lautaro Bazan Felice, Lucio Centi, Rodrigo Echart, Luciano Gonzalez Rizzoni, Rodrigo Esgro, Santiago Mari, Ignacio Mende, Marcos Moneta, Matias Osadchuk, Gaston Rivol, German Scholes.
  • browse: Leandro Osuna.
  • taekwondo: Lucas Guzman.
  • Tennis: Nadia Podroska (single women), Diego Schwartzman, Facundo Bagnes, Federico Correa, Francisco Cerondolo (single male), Horacio Zeballos (twins with Andres Molteni).
  • table tennis: Horacio Cifuentes and Gaston Alto.
  • Throw: Fernanda Russo (10m air rifle), Alexis Eberhart (50m three-position rifle), Melissa Gil (skate) and Federico Gil (skate).
  • triathlon: Romina Biagioli.
  • navigation: Sol Branz and Victoria Travascio (49er FX), Facundo Olezza (Finn), Santiago Lange and Cecilia Carranza (Nacra 17), Francisco Guaragna (Standard Laser), Lucia Falasca (Radial Laser), Belén Tavella and Lourdes Hartkopf (470), Celia Tigrina (RS:X) and Francisco Saubidet (RS:X).
  • Plane: Luciano De Cecco, Matías Sánchez, Bruno Lima, Federico Pereyra, Sebastián Solé, Martín Ramos, Agustín Loser, Facundo Conte, Cristian Poglajen, Ezequiel Palacios, Nicolás Méndez, Santiago Danani (Men’s Choice), Sabrina, Victoria Bianca Fariol, Yamila Neztic, Daniela Polish, Elena Rodriguez, Antonella Fortuna, Eugenia Nosach, Erika Mercado, Tatiana Rizzo (female).
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Benatello Natation

How many medals has Argentina won in the history of the Olympic Games?

Argentina is in 34th place in the historical medal table, thanks to her 21 gold medals. In addition, he has his own 25 silver and 28 bronze, up to the total 74 medals.

Santiago Lang - Cecilia Carranza

The top ten places in the historical medal table of the Olympic Games

  • 1. United State – Gold: 1.022 | Silver: 794 | Bronze: 704 | Total: 2520.
  • 2. United kingdom – Gold: 263 | Silver: 295 | Bronze: 289 | Total: 847.
  • 3. China – Gold: 227 | Silver: 163 | Bronze: 153 | Total: 543.
  • 4. Germany – Gold: 219 | Silver: 246 | Bronze: 269 | Total: 734.
  • 5. France – Gold: 212 | Silver: 241 | Bronze: 260 | Total: 713.
  • 6. Italy – Gold: 208 | Silver: 178 | Bronze: 193 | Total: 579.
  • 7. Hungary – Gold: 175 | Silver: 147 | Bronze: 169 | Total: 491.
  • 8. Russia – Gold: 153 | Silver: 143 | Bronze: 164 | Total: 460.
  • 9. Australia – Gold: 146 | Silver: 164 | Bronze: 187 | Total: 497.
  • 10. Sweden – Gold: 145 | Silver: 170 | Bronze: 179 | Total: 494.

Which countries are not participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and why

Will attend the Olympic event 204 countries out of 206 Recognized by the International Olympic Committee. North Korea and Russia will not be part of Tokyo 2020Although the reasons are different in each case.

The first decided not to attend as Measure to protect athletes from possible Covid-19 infection. The decision was made after the meeting of the Olympic Committee of that country and was officially announced by the National Sports Administration.

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North Korea Olympics

while the second He has been suspended and cannot participate in any international sporting eventWhich affected her presence in these Olympic Games after it was found out Create an institutional system for doping. The decision was made by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which concluded that Moscow has altered the information in its athletes’ test control laboratories by planting false evidence and has canceled files that would have made it possible to declare positive doping cases.

Russia Olympics

however, Athletes will be able to participate in the Olympic event. Even the country will have a delegation of more than 300 athletes, but these will carry the flag of the Russian Olympic Committee (COR). What is more, There will be no Russian anthem or flag and athletes must wear what distinguishes it “Atletta neutral”.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: How to watch the action live on TV in Argentina

The entire event will be broadcast on TyC Sports. In addition, you will be able to follow all the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in detail from the website

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: How to watch the event live online, on PC, mobile or tablet

The entire Olympic event can also be viewed from a computer or any mobile device through it TyC Sports Play. So, you have to access, in this way, you can live the game live. If you haven’t done so already, You have to sign up for free in simple steps and then setup your cable operator account. very easy!

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