Five Sports Series Complete Squid Game

With the launch of Squid Game, fashion series back then like La Casa de Papel in the past, for example, we recommend these five series, documentaries or sports films in case you have already devoured the six seasons of the Korean production.

drive to survive

One of the classics of the Netflix catalog in terms of sports. Drive to Survive introduces the Formula 1 World Championship like never before. With its many ins and outs, exclusive interviews with directors and pilots and a host of World Cup millimeters. The last three seasons of the World Championships are currently available, with a dedicated episode for each team.

Sunderland to

The documentary series that made us all fans of Sunderland. A look at how a historic team once operated, and is now practically in ruins. Two seasons to enjoy the daily life of the team who has been cast the evil eye, but it is impossible not to have passion.

Villas: they will be what they should be or they will be nothing

The documentary film that reviews the history and number one tennis player Guillermo Vilas. X-ray image of the best tennis player in the history of the dirt bricks, until the appearance of Rafael Nadal, and his litigation with the ATP to be the number one in the world. Tearful when knowing the history of Vilas.

Sports secrets

This five-part documentary series tells us five sports stories that haven’t gotten much attention. Mardi Fish’s tennis woes, Ron Artist’s NBA fight, a fierce hockey team, Caitlyn Jenner’s path to glory, and Chrissy Martin’s rise in the sport are the pieces that make up this bizarre story.

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Knights game

This six-part series chronicles the beginning of football in the United Kingdom. First rules, first matches. Everything from a traditional and historical perspective. Perfect for learning some beautiful game history.

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