Five habits that will change your life to achieve your goals

“Understand how we have it brain To control our thoughts and redirect our lives, this is the first step to achieving the goals you set for yourself. In this book How to achieve your goals, change your mindset, and achieve the life you want (Mr. Dr. planet), journalist Angie Rigueroa well-known face on television but also a psychiatrist and trainerAnd he designed a revolutionary way to achieve it Everything you dream of For your personal, emotional and professional lives through neuroscience, psychology and Training.

The work is divided into three parts. In the first, he shows us the difference between happiness and temporary pleasure, and helps us understand how the brain works to change our attitude towards life.

Brain training

“We have to change our behavioral patterns and modify those automatic habits that we have reinforced for years,” explains Angie Reggiero. The brain wants to save energy and that is why it is difficult for us to change something that has become an automatic habit, even though it is harming us.” He adds: “We prefer to be hyperactive, stimulated, and anxious all the time, so in order not to stand in the way of what we are, actually what we want to be.” Be on it. thus, Redirect our thoughtsTraining A Positive attitude And our change Limiting beliefs “They will be key to achieving our goals.”

What do we want in life

In the second, we are invited to think about what we really want in our lives and why. “Many people feel that they do not have the life they dreamed of or had Objectives It didn't come true, but the problem is they didn't stop to think about what They really want to. It is important to highlight that these goals should be balance, Logic And Premeditation. This is what will make us bring out the best version of ourselves and live a life of happiness, tranquility and serenity.” He adds: “The… Acceptance And the behavior In life they will be the key to our well-being. By accepting what life offers us, we take a big step. On the contrary, when we resist, we put ourselves in the position of victims of the situation.”

Acceptance and attitude towards life will be the key to our well-being

Action Plan

Finally, we will track Action Plan Which will lead us to overcome Professional tops And Personal. The author invites us to think of life as a collection of cheeses like the ones in the game trivial. Each of them represents a conspiracy and the key to success lies in their balance. “It is about discovering what we love to do, what we are passionate about and fills us with enthusiasm, without forgetting connection with others, love and gratitude, because they are essential elements that enrich our experience.”

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How to Achieve Your Goals by Angie Reguero

The five basic habits

To bring discipline, order, and contentment into our lives, Angie Reggio offers the five essential habits:

  1. when Good sleep hygiene To perform to the maximum in other areas. Rest is essential to rejuvenate our bodies, minds, and moods.
  2. Movement, presence Active life.
  3. Take care of us feed Because when we eat products that are harmful to us or drink alcohol excessively, we poison our body.
  4. practice contemplation At least five or ten minutes a day. The benefits of meditation expand into all areas of our being. At the body level, stress decreases and the immune system improves. On a mental level, there is a decrease in anxiety and depression and an increase in emotional resilience.
  5. We must not forget Moments of enjoyment And joy. We must find something every day that brings us great joy and this is a moment for us.

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