Five cinematic novelties to refresh you this hot summer

These holidays, you have no excuse not to catch up on the latest news at LGTBI cinema. And if you don’t know where to start, we give you five recommendations that you can’t miss.

They say that when the heat hits… boys fall in love. And if they don’t, something will have to do to entertain them. If you still don’t know what to do on these hot days, and have stopped going to the beach or pool, or even don’t want to go out for fear of melting on the sidewalk, we come to you. Five movie recommendations To make your days more enjoyable.

We assume that you have done your homework and watched modern classics such as Call me by your nameAnd Image of a burning woman also Carol. not to mention Brokeback MountainAnd happy together also The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. If you haven’t, you’re already too late. And if you are a hardcore movie buff and want to dig deep into the latest, you have it right here Five films LGBTI That will liven up your summer.


Summer recommendations


The movie is directed by Greta Gerwig It will become one of the cinematic phenomena of the year. The anticipation is sum, and all the promotion of the movie, with Margot Robbie Wearing some of the famous doll’s most iconic looks, she has us unable to wait any longer to go to the next movies. July 20th.

championship Margot Robbie And Ryan GoslingThe plot of the movie is still unknown. We just know we’ll see a doll live in it Barbieland And it gets thrown into the real world for not being perfect enough. From there, it all became a mystery, and it seems like the creators behind the movie wanted to give the story a twist so they wouldn’t watch the typical movie of Barbie. It wouldn’t be surprising if one of the surprises at the upcoming party for Oscars.

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July 20 in theaters

Summer recommendations

Blue jeans

Promising writer and director Georgia Oakley joins the actress Rosie McQueen to portray the story of a female gymnasium teacher who is forced to keep her sexuality a secret. The film takes place in a repressive era Margaret Thatcher UK rule. In addition, he talks about one of the most homophobic laws in the country (which will be repealed in 2003), which prohibits “promoting homosexuality”.

Jean’s story was nominated for an award BAFTAthe most important British film awards, and productive time spent at festivals around the world, such as LesGaiCineMad in Madrid or very Venice FestivalWhere he won the Audience Award.

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Summer recommendations

I love you madly

It’s one of the movies of the year. debut of Alejandro Marinwho has already directed some episodes It has abnormal, is one of the staple films this summer, and hopefully it will be in the next Goya Awards. championship Anna WagnerAnd Banana age And Dawn flowers, the film tells of one of the key moments of the LGTBI group. Set in Seville in 1977, at a time when homosexuality is a crime, Remy, a traditional mother, becomes involved with a fledgling Andalusian LGTBI movement Thanks to his gay son and aspiring artist.

Her heroes were responsible for reading advertisement In the last week of Madrid pridewhere they indicated importance the reviewer And know our history. A much needed emotional movie that you just can’t miss.

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Summer recommendations


If what you want is to watch a fun and lovable animated movie, you can’t miss it nimuna. The film is based on the graphic novel of the same name by ND Stephensonthe author of other works such as She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. An epic adventure with a gay warrior couple and a monster girl who just wants to be accepted by society. nimuna Submit a Futuristic “medieval” world, where Balestre accused Bravocorazon of a crime he did not commit. Nimuna, a rebellious young woman who is able to transform into anything, will help him discover the truth behind this false accusation.

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A movie with an insane pace and an exciting story, as well as a movie recovery About the childhood of its hero who will bring tears to your eyes, and will give you one of the funniest summer afternoons. You just need an ice cream, a couch…and enjoy this A delicious adventure.

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Summer recommendations

Bodies, bodies and bodies

What a better summer plan than a good one slasher teen? A horror film with touches of black comedy, directed by the current independent production company A 24 (HereditaryAnd WhaleAnd Everything once everywhere). new version of Ten black to Christy Agathastarring a gay couple and passed through a postmodern filter Z gene.

funny horror comedy which follows a group of wealthy young men who gather to throw a wild party at a family mansion. There they start a game called Bodies, bodies and bodies And what seemed like a fun night, turns when the participants start dying. Who is the killer? Who will survive?

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