FISEL proposes not to initiate criminal proceedings against Pío López Obrador

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Public Prosecution Specialized in Electoral Crimes (FISEL) It is proposed not to pursue criminal proceedings against Pio Lopez Obrador For posting videos in which he was seen receiving money from David Leon Romero.

The Legal Director General of Electoral Crimes indicated that on June 30 of this year, the investigation file was handed over to him FED/FEPADE/FEPADE-CDMX/0000380/2020; However, no statement has been released yet In connection with the draft decision on non-practice of criminal proceedings proposed by the Public Prosecutor of the Federation Hector Sánchez Zaldivar, head of the “E” nucleus of FISEL.

Along the same lines, The Legal Directorate stated that once the study is completed, it will issue the corresponding decision so that the ministerial undersecretary is in a position to issue a final decision. Failure to engage in criminal proceedings or comply with the instructions referred to, so as to be in a position to comply with the protection afforded to the brother of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

for this reason, Sanchez Zaldivar has reported that he is “physically and legally unable” to comply with the July 13 request to send a certified copy of the decision.Since then until now, the General Legal Department has not issued any statement regarding the delegation, modification or cancellation of the agreement.

Accordingly, the District Judge has warned the Legal Director General of Electoral Offenses, that he will be notified immediately upon the appropriate decision.

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